Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 5, 2010

Meet Molly (Molly-Molly-Liscious!).  She's just about a year old, now I think.  Earl is definitely her favorite.  It's he that she wants to cuddle up with and makes the big eyes for.  As for me, well, I'm just here to open and close doors for her, and give her breakfast.  Other than that, I'm persona non grata.


  1. grin.... when we had Corin the Cat that was exactly the case....he KNEW that the hubby was the cat person in the house....still, from time to time he forgot he was a cat and would come prancing by for a pet....oh what a character and a story behind that little he is in a happier place...I mean...truly, a happier place....with other cats in a large farm and eating whole food and living the life of a prince...a spoiled his namesake!

  2. What a pretty girl! Hopefully one of the other four loves you best!! :O)