Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 2, 2010 ~ Calling in Sick

Well, I have been having a couple days of 103+ fevers, intermittent uncontrollable chills, multiple joint pain, and some mild fever-induced delirium and finally decided that aspirin wasn't going to take care of it, nor was my chi energy strong enough to overcome the infection that I was apparently warding off (I'm very big into chi energy) and decided to succumb to the ministrations of modern medicine. Just as well, four hours later, two IV bags of fluid, another of ciprofloxacin (which I see in Wikipedia is not the first choice for a diagnosed UTI) and a lovely parting gift of a paper bracelet with my name on it, and a prescription and I am on the road to recovery.


  1. wowsa...I was going to send out the alarm to Lisa and several other constant commentors here to see if they had heard from you. Oh my you poor dear! So does this mean you are home? And does your April 5th title mean you won't be back until then or are you still delirious...grin. Oh dear girl, I should not joke with you when you are ill. Take care, rest rest rest.

  2. Drat. Typing error. I'll go and fix the date. Yep, they sent me home, but I think I may be having a reaction to the cipro. I'm trying to stick it out. They told me to wait til Sunday, and if I'm not better return to the ED here in my little city, or the regional hospital 45 minutes away. Just the idea of being in a moving car....well that flipped out my stomach...We'll see. I am hopeful that the worst is over.

  3. Praying for you Katy. I hate that you're feeling so miserable.

    Hugs and lotsa love,

  4. Sweetie...still under the weather? Miss you but more importantly....we all want you to get better REAL soon! Here's an extra prayer sent your way right with this little comment!