Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

In scooting around, looking at the blogs of my fellow bloggers, I see that a number are participating in a 365 day project where the blogger takes a photo a day and posts it on their blog.  The photo can be of anything that catches their eye; the idea is just to photograph something everyday.   I'm not joining the group (I am a commitment phobe) but I do like the premise of the idea.  So, from here, in The Repertory, I will do my version.  My beautiful, sweet, and cherished friend, Trish of Schemmelhos has kept a photo journal for as long as I've known her, and really, it is she who has been my inspiration for this new direction.

I don't know what will be posted here, or how often.  I have chosen, and live, to the best of my ability, a reclusive life.  I became burnt out on the social scene (not that I was ever truly social to begin with, but I was more active in the world) and have limited "real life" contact.  I think what I'm saying  is that my posts may seen banal and uninteresting, but they will be from the viewpoint of one who has chosen to build the proverbial moat about her home to make it a sanctuary from all the hubbub and craziness that lies beyond its boundaries.

The darnedest things catch my eye.  This morning it was the sausage links all lined up in the pan.

Try to hold back your excitement.

I do have five cats.  You can bet there will be pictures of them in the future.  I read that people like animal pictures and in a picture with people and animals, it's the animals that captivate the viewer's eye.

Just thought I'd toss that in the ring here so that you'll come back and look again.  And perhaps be captivated.



  1. I am so loving you girl! You are crazy funny and more are R E A L !!!! That is what draws people to you! I am going to follow you around on this 'other side' of you...the non-cooking you....cause I think we are very very similar as we have discovered. Its like looking into a mirror. I don't think others would know what I mean but you do, don't you. We live in different worlds and circumstances...but from inside...inside our heads and heart....we see the world very very similar! I love your sausages...grin. You know what? I think you are going to be blessed triplefold (is that a word...I think not..oh well) are going to be blessed and personally rewarded triple fold by doing this. I just know it!

  2. Hee hee...still chuckling about the rows of sausage.

  3. I'm glad you're doing your own version of Project 365. I'll be interested to see what you post! You have 5 cats???! I just got my Kit Kit in June, having always been a dog person. I have fallen head-over-heels in love with this girl! I bet having 5 is great fun!! :O)

    I feel ya on the reclusiveness -- I'm the same way. I'd rather be home than anywhere else!


  4. Trish, you are way to kind to me. I think this project will be fun. i tend to be a big picture person and miss the small details. This will help me to train my brain. I love my cooking blog, but The Repertory holds a special place in my heart.

    Lisa, yep, FIVE cats. I only had dogs until I met Ole Sweetie-Pi. My poor little brown fat dog, who was Princess of the Palace for about 14 years until the his cats came along, was overrun and overruled by cats. The old alpha cat, Squeak, usurped Penny from her bed, from my lap, and from any place else that she could boss the dog from. They took delight in antagonizing each other, snapping and swatting at the air as the other passed near them. When they both passed away, we buried them under our meditation bell that I have in my yard, side by side. Figured that's what they'd like, grins.