Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

Because of the heavy rainfall, the snow on the hill behind us has become a river, emptying into our cellar and filling it.  Earl, soaked to the skin,  stands in the downpour and rushing water,  working with  a shovel and a hoe,  creating trenchwork to redirect the rushing flow of water.  The water is still coming into the cellar but at least now the sump pump can handle it and we can relight the water heater.  Fortunately the furnace pilot was spared.


  1. Oh THIS is what has been keeping you away from blogging. Miss you dearie!

  2. Oh no -- you guys have had a mess to deal with! Glad things are looking up and the sump pump is able to do it's job now. I've missed you! :O)

  3. Hope you'll be back blogging my friend, I miss your nice and unique recipes!