Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

Thank you for all your powerful prayers.  Mom seems to be doing very well indeed, bright and alert and optimistic.  She is shown here with her two granddaughters, Laura on the left, and Hilliary on the right.

She said she had a dream last night that she was dieing.  The devil came and tried to take her away, promising her mountains of money and diamonds.  She turned him away, saying that she would not go!  Mom raised her fist in triumph and says, "I won.  He did not take me! I wouldn't let him." 

Then she said to me, "He says he is afraid of Kathi, that she is too strong and that he will not go near her.  He said that when he hears her voice he runs away because she is so strong."  

I assured my mother that he had better run fast and far away!  We have prayer and Our Good and Gracious Lord on our side!


  1. Amen and praise God! What a precious face your mom has. Such a sweet smile.
    I love that your mom knows that the weapons of your warfare are keeping the enemy far away!! She realizes the power of God in your life and that is SO awesome!

    So glad she is feeling better.


  2. Hi Katy, I'm so glad your mom feels better. What a lovely smile, she's adorbale!

  3. Wonderful news. Glad she is better. And the grandkids look so happy!

  4. your mom is beautiful....just like you. I love her sweet smile and those wonderful granddaughters...well, they would make anyone smile. Yep...that ol devil better keep his hands off! Praise for the answered prayers...where there is one or many, God hears!

  5. Yay! I am so happy to hear of your mom. And, of course, you & I both know how I feel about your strength in the Lord: there is no doubt.