Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010 ~ Birthday Bounty

I woke up and went downstairs and there on the old oak table was athis wonderful birthday bounty.  I don't think I have ever seen so many presents for just me and only because it's my birthday.

But, and there's always a "but" isn't there?  The card is made out to "Blanche!"  Who's Blanche you're asking.  Well Blanche is my alter ego (altar ego????)  It's one of those private jokes that Ole Sweetie-Pi and I share. 

We have a couple of favorite restaurants we go to here in town, perhaps going out once a month or so and we are "regulars."  Well, one evening we went out, and the hostess looked at Earl and said, "Didn't I just see here you here today for lunch and you like us so much you're back for dinner?" 

There's no way Earl was there for lunch, and he was flabbergasted and speechless.  I gave him one of my wicked smirks, and quipped, "So that's where you were this afternoon....out with your other girlfriend! And you told me you were just going to take a nap.  I think I can see the whole picture now!" 

Poor Earl. The poor hostess, who was mortified.  I laughed uncontrollably.  I put them both out of their pain and assured them both that it was not likely that Earl was there earlier as he had been with me all day, and this was my only visit that day. 

However, as Earl is not just a Sweetie-Pi but is also a Cutie-Pi (both names which cause him to squirm) and because I know that ladies sometimes do make eyes at him (although he swears he only has eyes for me, grins, right right....tell that to the woman in the too tight sweater and too short skirt.... he's diplomatic but not blind...), I gave him a made-up other woman, and for no reason other than we like the name, we call her Blanche. 

He says, I'm all the women he's ever known.  He also says his mother warned him that there were women like me, and thank God, now he has one of his own. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010 ~ Open Door Policy

In this household, it is understood that an open cabinet door is an open invitation to investigation. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 21, 2010 ~ The Family Meets Liz's Fiancee

Liz, front row left, introduced us to her fiancee Jarred.  We all met at a restaurant called The Common Man in Concord  and had a nice long chat with Jarred, who is just such a darling.  In the back row, left to right, me, Ole Sweetie-Pi Earl, (Earl's sister) Susan, and (Susan's SO), Lloyd.

Jarred received the seal of approval from Liz's Dad, grins.  Best wishes to one of the sweetest couples I know!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 10, 2010

Earl goes once a week for acupuncture to help relieve pain.  The needles are so fine that he cannot feel them at all at any time.  Not shown at the needles that are in both knees and on the outside edge of his right ear.  I spared his dignity and didn't photograph his earlier session when needles were inserted into his derriere, grins. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

Thank you for all your powerful prayers.  Mom seems to be doing very well indeed, bright and alert and optimistic.  She is shown here with her two granddaughters, Laura on the left, and Hilliary on the right.

She said she had a dream last night that she was dieing.  The devil came and tried to take her away, promising her mountains of money and diamonds.  She turned him away, saying that she would not go!  Mom raised her fist in triumph and says, "I won.  He did not take me! I wouldn't let him." 

Then she said to me, "He says he is afraid of Kathi, that she is too strong and that he will not go near her.  He said that when he hears her voice he runs away because she is so strong."  

I assured my mother that he had better run fast and far away!  We have prayer and Our Good and Gracious Lord on our side!